How to Clean a Grill for Spring

Weber Grill Base   Have you ever been to a friend’s house for a cookout and saw what can best be described as an ecological disaster masquerading as a grill? Something so grimy and funky that the BBQ Gods themselves wouldn’t be able to coax an edible meal off of it? Well we are here to tell you that outdoor cooking isn’t all just flames, food, and fun! Sometimes you’ve got to roll up those sleeves and get dirty. Follow along as we talk about how to clean a grill.

How to clean a grill

What you will need

  • A bucket filled with water. Hot water is a bonus.
  • Mild Detergent. We like to use dish soap, it is well designed to cut through the kinds of grease and grime on a grill.
  • Scrub Brushes. A soft bristle and a stiff bristle
  • Spackle Knife
  • Access to a garden hose with a sprayer nozzle or a power-washer.
  • Rubber Gloves. We don’t use harsh chemicals but this can be a grimy job.
  • Steel Grill Brush
  • Kitchen Sponge with a Scrubby Pad
  • New Drip Tray Liner

Getting Started with how to clean a grill

  • We Get started by pulling the tank out of the grill. It makes it easier to clean inside the cabinet and it is just plain safer! Remember you won’t be able to enjoy your outdoor cooking if you inadvertently blow yourself up!
  • Disassemble the grill as much as you can. We have a Weber 330 so we start with pulling off the grill grates, flavorizer bars, and we take the time to remove the burners. Taking off as much as you can will make the scrapping and scrubbing go that much easier.
  • We start with scrapping as much of the accumulated crud down into the drip tray with the spackle knife. Remember to give the lid a pass or to as well. The scale build up can sometimes fall on to your food and that is just nasty.
  • Pull the drip tray after the scrapping is done.
  • We like to treat the grill like a car and start washing from the top down. Hose it off and have at it. The soft brush is for the more delicate outside. Any touch spots on the outside are hit with the sponge with the scrubby. The stiff bristle brush is for the inside. Give it a good and thorough scrubbing. Rinse it off. If your grill is a real backyard warrior it might need a few scrub and rinses!
  • Scrap, scrub, and inspect your grates and flavorizer bars. Weber enamel coated grates are notorious for not lasting all that long. Ours are probably seeing their last season, they’ve been in constant use since 2010. We will make the upgrade to the Stainless Steel Cooking Grates next year along with new flavorizer bars.
  • While you’re in there take a look at all the fittings and hoses. Refer to your owners manual for this one.
  • Let it dry out and reassemble. Put that shiny new drip tray liner in too! Fire it up! We like to bring it up to a good hot temp just to make sure it is working properly.
  • While you are working on it this might be a good time to replace the battery in the ignition as well.

Remember it might not be glamorous but taking the time to keep a clean grill will only help to make your food better. Rancid oil and grease or crud flying around are not flavor profiles to build on!

So there you have it, how to clean a grill.





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