Cheap BBQ: My First Time

SmokerMy first time with a cheap bbq was like the first time with a lot of things. It was hot and smokey, neither of us were really equipped for what was going to happen, someone cried, but in the end it turned out pretty darn good.

Cheap BBQ

The first time I smoked a pork butt is was definitely a labor of love. I had borrowed my buddies Char-Broil smoker, that is pictured above. He had bought it on a whim from Lowes. He had used it rather unspectacularly (Sorry Ray but that is the truth)  on some Italian sausage. The thing is, I looked at this cheap bbq with a plan, nay a song in my heart! I was going to make me some smoked pork butt! So I strapped it to the roof of my Jeep and hauled her home.

My first stop on the Internet was Amazing Ribs. There I was able to read all about making pork shoulder and how badly cheap bbq off-set smokers SUCK!!! I would not be deterred, for I had a song in my heart. . .

The next morning had me up at the crack of dawn with a plan, a rubbed pork butt, some charcoal, and a cheap bbq. We were rocking and rolling as the Sun came up. I had a lounge chair, and figured that fishing and golf rules about drinking beer applied to smoking, so there was a cooler of ice cold Coronas along for the ride.

It was impossible to keep the temperature at anything resembling 250 degrees. According to the dial thermometer (and we know what I think of those pieces of crap) the temp was swinging wildly between 200 and 300 degrees. I burnt through a whole bag of charcoal and had to get some from a neighbor. I got drunk and burnt myself. . .twice!

But oh, the smells that were coming out of that cheap bbq were intoxicating! 9 short terror filled hours later and my pork but was done. It came off of that hell spawned device with bark to die for, and the bone pulled out like it was held in by butter. We used a store bought sauce that day, but it was heavenly and I was hooked!

How was your first time? Leave a comment and lets us know. . .

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