Bear Paws : Product Spotlight

Bear PawsBear Paws are one of those trick toys that are as useful as they are cool! I got my pair as a surprise Father’s Day gift a couple years of go and I haven’t looked back since.

Bear Paws

The design of these things is just pure genius, gone are the days of trying to sling a 15 pound beef brisket around with a pair of tongs, or burning the heck out of your hands. I’ve fooled around with those heat resistant barbecue gloves but since I’ve got big hands I’ve had a hard time finding a pair that will fit. The Bear Paws fill the role of the heat resistant gloves but do so much more!

  • They make transitioning large cuts of meat like beef brisket and smoked pork butt on and off of the smoker that much easier.
  • The bear paws making slicing the meat a joy. The claws positively hold the meat better than a dinner fork ever could!
  • When it comes to shredding a beef brisket or pulling a smoked pork butt they are game changers. I was using the fork method for a while but these are night and day compared to that.
  • They do look pretty bad ass too!  I may or may not have chased my 3 year old around the backyard while screaming “Wolverine!!!” (I don’t condone or recommend this, but it is fun).
  • They are made in the USA
  • They are heat resistant to 475 degrees
  • And best of all. . . they are dishwasher safe!

BBQ Bear Paws

These things are really great. They perform well for all barbecue tasks great and small. I can whole heartedly recommend them too with out question. It will be outdoor cooking season before we know it, why don’t you treat yourself to a pair. You can order them at the link below, and if you do I make a small commission on these babies.


Bear Paws


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