BBQ Tips for Better Smoking and Grilling

BBQ TipsIt is the little things that can mean the difference between an epic party or a flop, use these 5 bbq tips next time to elevate your grill game and send the friends and family home happy and full!

5 BBQ Tips

1Use a Thermometer: When you have a $50 beef brisket on the smoker for God’s sake use a thermometer! Preferably one that measures the temps of the meat and the temps at the grill. The thermometers on grills and smokers are notoriously inaccurate. Having a good knowledge of how hot your food is and exactly what temp it is cooking at, is the key to repeatability. You do want to be able to recreate that smoked pork butt that wowed everyone at the block party, right?

2- Use Good Meat: Ever heard the term “crap in, crap out”? Well it applies to BBQ and grilling big time. BBQ is taking inexpensive cuts of meat and turning them into something extraordinary, but start with a cheap piece of meat and you’re facing an uphill battle. If you think  you can throw a few cheap burgers on the grill and call it a day, maybe this isn’t the site for you!

3- Oil the Grill Grates:  If you throw cold meat onto a hot, un-oiled grill don’t be surprised if your meat sticks and burns. Nothing is worse than watching your carefully marinated steak go to crap while it sticks to the grill. We like to use Grapeseed Oil
, it has a high burn point and doesn’t impart a taste to your food.

4- Don’t Move the Food Around Willie-Nillie: We implore you don’t fidget around with the meat, let it cook. We know it is hard to do, grab another beer if you have to.  Poking, prodding, and squishing serve no purpose, let the meat sear properly and you will be rewarded.

5- Proper Food Handling is King: The last thing you want to reward your family and friends with is a nice day spent in the bathroom. Just because you are cooking outdoors doesn’t mean you can through caution to the wind. Wash your hands, use clean utensils, and don’t cross contaminate!

So those are out top 5 BBQ tips, what are yours?



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