Awesome Spareribs Recipe

Spareribs recipe   We love pork butts and beef brisket but our spareribs recipe is what really gets our heart beating faster around here! When it is time to make something real special we rub up a few racks of spareribs and get the smoker up to temperature.

Ribs have a lot of things going for them. They have a tremendous amount of marbling and the bone itself imparts additional flavor. Plus they come with their own built in handle, what is not to love about them? Ribs just scream party and our spareribs recipe will get you to the promised land!

Spareribs Recipe

As with everything our spareribs recipe starts with good meat. Unlike a beef brisket or a pork butt, ribs need a bit of pre-rub prep. Most time spareribs come with the silver skin still attached, this white and silvery membrane is a tough customer and needs to be removed (I found a great tutorial on doing this).

Once the silver skin is removed it is time to show the spareribs some rub love. Of course we use our own Pork Rub Recipe. The sugars in our rub caramelize nicely while the ribs on the smoker and we are freaks for Cumin! As with our pork butts and beef briskets, we like to rub the ribs the day before, and wrap them tightly for an evening in the fridge.

These ribs will need to be smoked at 250 degrees with a nice handful of hickory thrown in. This is where we are going to drive you crazy, after beating the drum of temp over time, we wing it with spareribs. With our spareribs recipe we apply the arcane ritual of seeing how far the meat pulls back from the bone. Trust us we know the hypocrisy of this, but we have never had much luck with trying to cook ribs to a temp or a time! We figure on 2 to 2 1/2 hours at 250 gets you into the ball park, then it is quick peeks under the cover looking for about a 1/4 inch of bone showing at the top of the rib.

When the ribs are almost done we crank up the gas grill. Once the ribs reach the magical point of smoked to perfection we pull them off of the smoker and slather them in sauce and throw them on to the hot gas grill for a quick sear. This step caramelizes the sauce and we feel it locks in the flavor. Be carefully you are looking for a bit of color, not a burnt mess, so stay close to the grill. We actually use a commercial sauce around here when we make our spareribs recipe. We are particularly fond of Bone Suckin’ Sauce Thicker Style, when we come up with a sauce of our own that is worth sharing you will see it on these pages!

So there you have our Spareribs Recipe we hope you enjoy it!

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